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Unlock the full potential of your AppDynamics solution  


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An introduction to MIPI 

-an extension for AppDynamics


Moonskye Endpoint XXXX helps you to investigate specific Endpoints that is of interest and that you want to analyze and performance optimize. The add-on is especially build to AppDynamics. 

 EMEAR: Thursday, 25th November 2021 

 10 am (BST)/ 11 am (CET)

EMEAR: Thursday, 17th February 2022 
10 am (BST)/ 11 am (CET)


"With a background in engineering and more than 6 years of working with AppDynamics in large enterprises, Vagn has great succes un-locking the gold mine of data from AppDynamics and building the bridge between different stakeholders"

Speaker:  Vagn Nielsen

Language: English

Duration: 30 minutes

Solution: Moonskye Endpoint Analyser 

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  • We help to narrow down the performance project by identifying  top-five slowness and work with these systematically
  • We help the developers to pin-point what to change to make a significant performance impact 
  • We measure before and after a change request to measure improvement and to show progress for the management team
  • We focus on the areas, where we can make the biggest impact – performance vice

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Moonskye Endpoint XXXX

-an add-on for AppDynamics 


Moonskye Endpoint XXXXX helps you to investigate specific Endpoints that is of interest and that you want to analyze and performance optimize. 


Complex infrastructure

A single application can have multiple  endpoints and it can be challenging to investigate performance bottlenecks in a complex landscape with hundreds of endpoints and thousands of transactions. 

Making sense of endpoints and which endpoints to focus on, is critical in solving performance problems. With Moonskye Endpoint XXXX we:

  • Focus on top endpoints to scope the project with high number of transactions and long response times
  • We instrumente probes into single endpoints to investigate the performance before and after a change request has been implemented
  • We highlight what to change to improve performance -  changes that are evaluated with significant impact on performance


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