The Challenge

We live in a world in which the IT-landscape is getting more and more complex. Customers demand flawless performance and have high expectations to the digital service you provide. Even though customers’ touchpoint simplifies, the technology and complexity behind is exploding.

From a single customer transaction, you enter an IT-landscape of hundreds of applications, servers and databases in both private and public clouds, that all need to deliver at the highest level to meet customer satisfaction. In addition, you are releasing code faster and faster – all impacting on the business performance. Even though, you are using a traditional monitoring tool, it makes it difficult to understand, what is actually impacting the customers’ experience.   


Is your organisation running in circles, when you have performance issues? 

Are you familiar with these quotes in your organisation?  “Which customers are effected?” Is the database running as it should?” “It is definitely not the database!” “Have you checked the logs?” “What about the new release we did yesterday, could it have an impact?” “What about the new 3rd party integrations we made?” “I can’t see anything in the log”. “Should I try debugging?”


The questions are many, when you need to investigate your IT-landscape. And in a time where the landscape is growing rapidly, these questions will appear more and more frequently, which is frustrating for the organisation. So stop running in circles and start your Applications Performance Monitoring journey and get the end-to-end visibility, so you can react on real-time data.

The Solution

Imagine that you have one single control desk. A control desk that is monitoring all your critical applications from end-to-end and that gives you the visibility to act fast on real-time data. Letting your organisation take action based on real-time data instead of stomach humbles. A solution that brings your different teams together and has one source of true – not separated monitoring tools. A solution that notifies you when applications slow down and gives you the time to be able to act on that notification before your customer notice it. 


A solution that tracks every business transaction and adds it to the baseline, so you can correlate business and performance metrics to gain strategic insights. Imagine that all your individual code is available and gives you the possibility to drill down to a specific line of code, which is deviating from the baseline. Afterwards you are able to change that before its causing an issue and customers are affected. 





Performance Monitoring


Performance Monitoring

End User




AI-powered insights and automated actions coupled with our vision forward with Cisco.



Enterprise-grade visibility and insights to monitor cloud-native technologies in real time.


Complete visibility across servers, network and containers whether on premises or in the cloud.

Actively monitor, analyze and optimize complex application environments at scale.

Visualize revenue paths and correlate customer and app experience to find and fix app issues.

Optimize key business transactions with a complete view of the customer journey.


Consultancy Service  


Implementation Partner

Implementation of Application Performance Monitoring in large organisations is a journey.

Start you journey together with Moonskye Certified implementation consultants who have great technical understanding. We help our customers to gain full benefits from their solutions by focusing on key people, education and agile implementation.

The implementation ensures that the new IT-solution not only works and is ready for use, but also that the users and organisation are ready to use the new solution in the way which provides the best business value. 

We meet customers who would like to get started with Applications Performance Monitoring. However, they do not have Applications Performance Monitoring resources in-house.

That’s why Moonskye offer a APM subscriptions based Manage Service. A Service were Moonskye takes care of implementation, monitoring, analysing and present performance results for you as a customer. This is a great possibility to get started with Application Performance Management without heavily investment.


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Managed Service Partner


The Mission behind Moonskye

After several years working with Application Performance Management (APM) in large organisations and seeing the significant benefits from monitoring critical business applications have been an eye opener for the founders of Moonskye. Giving the possibility to empower the employees to act rapidly based on real-time data is a potential game-changer for many organisations. That’s way Moonskye was founded. Founded so we could help customers getting better in-sight in their digital business transactions and make sure they have satisfied customers. That is our mission.


We are Certified AppDynamics partner

After years working with different Applications Monitoring Performance tools Moonskye have chosen to be specialized in the Applications Performance from AppDynamics which is owned by Cisco. AppDynamics is the fastest-growing Application Performance Monitoring solution. Furthermore, Gartner just named AppDynamics as the market leader and placed AppDynamics the highest in Ability to Execute in the 2020 Magic Quadrant. Furthermore, the solution has a proven track record at companies like BMW, Vodafone, JP Morgan’s and many many more.

If you want a short introduction to AppDynamics please watch this video her.



Meet The Team


Rekha Ramachandra 

Rekha has great experience from working in the field of Business Intelligence. Competencies which very useful when we are building dashboards to our customers. 


Søren Boyum


Experienced Market Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry.

Vagn Nielsen.jpeg

Vagn Nielsen


With a background in engineering and several years working with Application Performance Monitoring in large organisations, Vagn has great understanding of building the bridge between IT and Business.     


Mikael Boyum


With a background in engineering Mikael has been working in the IT industry for more than 30 years. Mikael is the founder of Boyum-IT.

A global company working within the field of SAP. He also holds several board positions.


Thue Vestergaard 

Thue holds an MSc in software engineering and have spent several years in the financial sector using his IT development skills to build great applications. In addition, he holds great experience in Application Performance Monitoring. 

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